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Weston food dehydrator The Weston dehydrator comes in three models. These are square units, so they're not expandable. You'll have to choose a 6-tray, 8-tray, or 10-tray dehydrator. I recommend the largest, but that'll depend on your budget and needs.

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The Weston VegiKiln 6-tray dehydrator, like the 8 and 10-tray models, is a square-shaped model. The trays are 14 1/4" x 10 3/4", giving you a square foot each. So the 6-tray will offer you 6 square feet of drying space.

These units have an adjustable thermostat. It's color coded, so you won't make any mistakes like overdrying or overheating your food. The temperature range is 84 to 155 degrees F.

The 6-tray has a 500-watt heating element, while the 8 and 10-tray dryers have a 600-watt element. All three models have quiet, 5" fans. Like the more expensive Excalibur models, the fans are in the rear, providing horizontal airflow. This reduces or eliminates flavor mixing and ensures an even drying for all trays. Like other square dehydrators, you won't need to worry about tray rotation.

More Drying Space for Less

Weston VegiKilnOverall, the Weston dehydrator is a decent model that'll work just fine for you. It may cost more than some round or circle dehydrators, but for a square model, it's a great value.

If you need a large dehydrator, you can pick up the Weston 10-tray instead of an Excalibur and have plenty of money leftover for things to dehydrate.

Dehydrator Accessories - Complete Jerky Kit

Weston jerky kitA popular accessory that Weston makes is their Jerky Kit. If you don't have a home food dehydrator but still want to make jerky, you can pick up this kit.

Unlike other jerky kits, this one comes complete with drying racks to put in the oven. It also includes the jerky gun with multiple attachments, seasonings and spices, and a cleaning brush set.

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