Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender

The following is a guest review written by Will Turnage, who runs an excellent blender review site called GoBlendIt.com.

Overall Impressions:

Waring BlenderThe Waring company started producing blenders in 1936, and was one of the very first manufacturers of household kitchen blenders. The Waring blender was developed and promoted by famous entertainer and mechanical engineer Fred Waring who was a popular big band leader and TV host. It became one of the most popular blenders soon after it was introduced and remains so even today.

Over the years, Waring has grown as a company and brand, offering a wide variety of kitchen appliances including automatic juicers, deep fryers, and wine chillers. One of the top Waring blenders on the market today is the Waring PBB Professional Bar blender. If you want a retro style blender that delivers all the power and convenience you would expect from a modern day blender, then look no further than the Waring PBB Professional Bar blender.

The Waring PBB showcases the classic 40 ounce cloverleaf design glass jar that is Waring's signature. The design helps to create a better blending vortex that generates a faster and more thorough blending of the ingredients. It has a professional quality 390 watt, 2 speed engine that hooks into a well designed self cleaning stainless steel blade assembly.

The Waring PBB has a simple flip switch on the front that lets you change the speeds from low to high and turn the blender off. This makes operation a snap.

The Waring PBB Professional Bar blender comes in 4 colors; retro green, ebony, chili red, and quite white, so you are sure to find something to match your kitchen decor. The retro design of the Waring PBB harkens back to the blenders of the 1930's and '40's with its long glass jar, and stacked tiered base.

The glass jar is marked in both metric and English measurements. There is a cap on the jar's lid that pops off from the center of the lid and serves as a 1 ounce measuring cup. After you pop off the cap, you can also add ingredients into the blender while it is running.

The Waring PBB is very simple to use and clean. All parts are dishwasher safe and you can easily wipe down the surface of the base with its sleek design. The blades do not come apart from the jar so you don't have to worry about trying to clean down in those little crevices.

There are a lot of consumer reviews out about the Waring PBB Professional Bar blender and most owners really love it, giving it an average rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. Everyone seems to like how simple the blender is to use and the flip switch on the front. Two settings are great for most people and should take care of almost all of your blending needs.

Another thing many owners talk about related to their Waring PBB is how stable it is and how well it handles ice. The true test for many blenders is their ability to crush ice smoothly and not leave chunks of ice behind in your smoothie. The Waring PBB seems to handle this task with ease, leaving you with a creamy smooth smoothie.

So, the Waring PBB Professional Bar blender looks like a great buy, that will not only look fantastic in your kitchen but will also get the job done blending up even the toughest of ingredients.

If you'd like to learn even more about the best blenders on the market, check out GoBlendIt.com, where you can read detailed blender reviews, see videos of the top blenders in action, and even download some delicious free blender recipes and healthy smoothie recipes.

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