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VitaMix Blender

Understanding the VitaMix 4500

If you follow a raw food diet, then you know how important it is that you find the right appliances for your needs. While you probably spent a considerable amount of time choosing a dehydrator, how much thought did you put into your blender? If you are looking for a great replacement for that worn out, outdated old blender, look no further than the VitaMix blender.

What does this blender feature that makes it such a great option for raw foodies? Below, you'll find all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

The Blender

On first glance, the VitaMix is a sleek, modern, even sexy appliance that will look good in any kitchen, whether you have a modern theme or opted for something a bit more traditional. However, you will find that, while it's certainly an attractive appliance, this is a workhorse, not mere eye candy.

The Specs

What does the 4500 bring to the table? You'll find that the blender puts out a full two horsepower at peak performance. This is enough power to get that blade spinning at more than 200 miles per hour. Imagine how smooth your purees and smoothies will be!

You will also find that the blender features a full 64-ounce carafe. This ensures that you can make as much or as little as you want of whatever you might be preparing. Of course, you're likely concerned about the carafe construction. Don't worry, you won't find any BPAs here. The carafe is constructed of BPA-free copolyester, which is also virtually unbreakable.

You will also find that the blade assembly is fully enclosed with sealed ball bearings for the utmost in performance. In addition, the motor is thermally protected, ensuring that the unit does not get uncomfortably hot and to prevent burnout of the motor during operation. The blender also features two speeds, so you can blend as you see fit.

The lid locking mechanism is also updated for easier use. It features a 2-piece, flexible thermoplastic lid with a removable plug for easier operation. The plug allows you to drop in food while blending other ingredients, as well.

Finally, you can top that long list of benefits off with a full 5-year warranty, which ensures that your investment is protected for a very long time.

Vita-Mix Power and Reputation

VitaMix BlenderAs you can see, the VitaMix blender is a popular choice for anyone following a raw food diet. You'll find that the powerful motor and new blade design ensure that you are able to blend everything you want to incredibly smooth consistencies, which helps guarantee better taste and even better drying in the dehydrator.

Another benefit of the VitaMix is the fact that this blender provides the same level of performance, no matter how much you have in the carafe. Most blenders have difficulty blending food with the same consistency at both very high and very low levels. However, this appliance offers the same tremendous performance at 4 ounces as it does at the full 64-ounce capacity.

There's a reason the VitaMix is has such a loyal following. Those who know blenders, know the VitaMix brand is one they can count on.

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