VacuWare Vacuum Sealer System

VacuWare Prep N' KeepThe VacuWare Prep N' Keep Kit is a full storage set that includes containers and a vacuum pump.

This is a space-saving alternative to the FoodSaver style of vacuum sealers. Instead of something that rests on a counter, you have a handheld pump that you fit over the lid.

Introduction to VacuWare Video

The short video below will give you a good idea of what to expect if you had a VacuWare set at home.

Prep N' Keep Complete Starter Kit

The complete starter kit is a great choice to start with because you'll certainly be able to use the include the containers. The Prep N' Keep kit comes with three FreshContainers and matching FreshLids. They're 6" x 6", 5" x 7", and 7" x 7" x 5" containers. Then after owning the set for a while, you'll know what else to add to the collection. You'll be able to get by on buying just the lids too, since they fit 90% of the containers at the supermarket.

If you store your leftovers using this system, you can expect the food to last up to 5 times longer. No more wasted food.

The FreshStation vacuum pump is powered by electricity, so it takes no effort at all to seal the containers. There's an LED indicator light, cord storage, and removable wand.

They used to have pouches available, but they received many complaints about them, so they're trying to design something new.

Like the other vacuum sealing systems, the Prep N' Keep is effective at helping prevent food spoilage. It's also a great tool for preparing food, especially by cutting marinading time down to less than 20 minutes.

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VacuWare Deli Keeper

VacuWare Deli KeeperAn alternative to the electric-powered pump is the human-powered FreshPump hand pump that comes with the Deli Keeper set. That makes this a good choice if you need portability. You can use this pump anywhere, since you don't need to plug it in.

The containers in both sets are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. They won't break, stain, or warp.

Some people buy the Prep N' Keep Kit and the Deli Keeper because they like having an extra pump in the kitchen.

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