The VacMaster Chamber Sealer is the Ultimate

VacMaster Chamber Vacuum SealerWhen it comes to vacuum sealing, professionals rely on chamber sealers such as the VacMaster Chamber Machine. These machines are found in neighborhood delis, and are used several times a day, all day long.

If you need something for heavy, daily use, a chamber sealer is the way to go.

What's a Chamber Sealer?

There are two main types of vacuum sealers, external and chamber. The external is the most common type found in home kitchens. They're called external sealers because the product and bag are outside the machine. One example is the popular FoodSaver V2840.

A chamber vacuum sealer is a larger unit, typically found in delis. Other people that use them may include outdoorsmen, hunters, and anyone who processes a lot of food at a time. With one of these, the items and bags are placed inside the chamber, and air is pumped out of the entire machine.

How to Vacuum Seal Liquids

One of the biggest advantages a chamber sealer has over an external is the ability to vacuum seal liquids. Because the entire bag is placed inside the machine, you're able to seal liquids and other liquid-rich foods. External machines work by sucking air out of the bag, but this leads to sucking out liquids too, making for a poor or unusable seal. With a VacMaster Chamber, air is pumped out of the chamber, so air pressure inside and outside the bag are equal, allowing the liquids to remain in place.

Higher Vacuum Level

Vacuum level is measure in Hg, which is inches of mercury. A chamber vacuum machine is also able to obtain a 27-29 Hg level of vacuum. To compare, an external can usually only reach 24-36.

Higher Cost

The advantages do come with a higher cost. The VacMaster VP-210 costs more than $1000. The most expensive FoodSaver I've seen is about $450, and most are less than $300.

However, a VacMaster is almost guaranteed to outlast any other machine. Remember, high-volume delis use these all day long.

Also, the bags cost much less. The average price for a FoodSaver bag is $0.24. A bag for a chamber machine is $0.04. It may take about 3000 bags to make up the difference in price, but if you're one to use the machine a lot, you'll get there eventually. These are built for very heavy usage over a very long time.

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