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Thyme Tea with Fresh Mint

by Lynn

1 Cup Water Fresh Thyme Sprigs
2 small Fresh Mint Leaves
1 Tsp Honey

Wash the fresh thyme and pat dry with paper toweling or a towel.

Layer sprigs on dehydrator trays and dehydrate until the stems are crisp.

Remove from dehydrator and strip leaves from the stems.

Discard stems.

Add boiling water to a serving cup.

Fill a tea ball with dried thyme leaves and place in the cup along with 2 fresh mint leaves that have been washed, cover and steep for five minutes.

Remove tea ball and squeeze the remaining tea from thyme leaves into the cup.

Add one teaspoon honey.

Stir and enjoy!

Store remaining dried thyme leaves in a tightly sealed container, in a dark, dry place.

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