Teflex Sheets keep the dehydrators clean

Paraflexx Dehydrator SheetsTeflex sheets are the flexible, non-stick sheets that used to come with the Excalibur dehydrators. They're used as a screen when drying food that are watery, like pureed fruits (for fruit leathers). They also come in handy when making crackers and flatbread.

They're coated with Teflon, and were reusable. You can wash them easily. all you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth. To dry, you can simply dry them in the dehydrator. They'll last several years.

ParaFlexx sheets have replaced the Teflex. Excalibur includes these with their units, but you can buy them separately too.

What makes these better than regular parchment paper or plastic wrap is food won't stick to them.

You can easily cut these square sheets to fit any dehydrator. These are great for dehydrators with a fan on the bottom, since these sheets will prevent drippings from falling down.

If you're drying anything, you'll be happy to have these dehydrator sheets with you.

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