Consider a stainless steel dehydrator for a professional look and style

Stainless Steel DehydratorA stainless steel dehydrator is an appliance that fits right in with many modern kitchens. These days, stainless appliances are a popular choice, and it's no surprise that manufacturers are producing amazing looking food dehydrators with that in mind.

Quality food is becoming a luxury with the economy's downturn and everyone is trying to save a penny wherever they can. The food dehydrator business is booming with families stretching precious meats, fruits, and vegetables. Getting back to nature is now an attractive part of our lives, once forgotten for a little while, but now remembering how wonderful fresh foods can taste, especially when preserved naturally.

Back to Basics

We need to get back to basics and enjoy the real flavor and contents of food, not just empty calories, and sugary treats. For large group gatherings, classrooms or for use at a bake sale or how about a green sale, your poor little plastic dehydrator has to be getting the workout of its life. If you are a serious jerky fiend or just love to dehydrate fruits and vegetables for snacks or storage, maybe it's time to consider moving up to a stainless steel model that is closer to a commercial dehydrator, sure to last much longer.

The Models

5-Tray D5

Costing almost $300, The 5-Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator Model D5 by The Sausage Maker is the perfect home model for dehydrating large amounts of jerky or fruit at one time. Eight square feet of drying space and an adjustable thermostat with a 95-150-degrees F range, this beautiful unit outperforms other dehydrators. Made in the USA by The Sausage Maker, the D5 has the popular rear mounted fan that keeps drying time even and uniform.

10-Tray D10

Perhaps there are many different people who have access to your dehydrator and you feel that a larger model, like the 10-Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator Model D10 with Timer, would provide more wear and tear. Made of strong 22-gauge steel and having easy to read controls, this unit detaches from the back to thoroughly clean each part, usually not accessible on smaller models. One-inch legs are another great feature that fit securely on the bottom of the unit, helping to let the stainless steel machine breathe all the way around. Ten shelves of chrome-plated steel will keep you from worrying about overuse by friends. The cost for this food preserver is around $400.

14-Tray D14

Finally, there's an even larger model, the extreme of the extremes. Retailing at over $1000, this is not for the budget-conscious. Your jerky is to die for and you'll have orders coming out your ears! Not to worry, the 14-tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator Model D14, also made by The Sausage Maker, is ready to work long, long hours. Over thirty-six square feet of drying space, a timer with 99 hour setting, not one but two rear mounted fan blades, and a temperature range of 84-200 degrees F make your job a whole lot easier. This model also has removable pieces for easy cleaning and regular maintenance. No need to worry about rust or tarnish or working too hard. Ready to stand up to any commercial type model, the D14 can be a lifesaver for huge orders.

Professional Quality and Style

Getting back to simple, frugal living and eating has never been needed as much as today and the stainless steel or commercial food dehydrator, in three different models, will not let you or your family down. Choose the size that you realistically need, now and for later. You'll pay more now, but save so much in the long run.

Of course, there are many more (inexpensive) dehydrators for every budget, starting as low as $40. Make sure to read the other dehydrator reviews, unless you're deadset on a stainless model.

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