A Few Raw Vegan Celebrities

Alicia SilverstoneCelebrities always have to be in top shape. When you are in the public eye, you will need to present yourself in the best possible light. This means a celebrity must eat the most conducive diet for maintaining a lean physique. And, of course, looks aren't everything. A person should always eat a diet that is one of the healthiest options available. Celebrities understand this two-pronged approach to diet and that is why so many of them are interested in a raw vegan diet.

For those not familiar with raw vegan eating, it's a complete vegetarian diet that avoids any and all animal products. In addition, the diet centers on eating only foods and vegetables that are uncooked. Some may wonder why people would prefer not to cook their vegetables. There are many reasons and the most important is that the nutrients in the veggies are not harmed by the raised heat in the cooking process. Additionally, the vegetables will not absorb the calorie laden cooking oils needed to heat the meals.

So, which celebrities are known for eating raw? Here is a brief list...

Alicia Silverstone - Ms. Silverstone was one of the hottest your actresses in Hollywood. She's also an avowed member of the club proving, perhaps, that a vegan diet can contribute to celluloid fame. Well, that point might be debatable but the health benefits of the diet certainly will contribute to her longevity on screen.

Sting - Now, you know why Sting looks a good 15 years younger than his real age. The former lead singer of The Police has been using a raw vegan diet for some time now and it shows.

Demi Moore - Ms. Moore has been a popular actress for many years now and she also has many years experience eating raw. In fact, Ms. Moore admits that it was eating that way that helped her get into shape for her role in the film Charlie's Angels.

John Goodman - Mr. Goodman remains one of the more surprising members of this realm. This is mainly because he had suffered from obesity for years. After a brief health scare, he opted to quit smoking and get in shape. He has dabbled on and off with a raw vegan diet and deserves some credit for trying. So, while he is a partial member of the raw vegan celebrity crowd, he is putting for a good effort for the right reasons.

Steve Jobs - Mr. Jobs derived his celebrity status from laying the foundation for the development of home computers. He is, of course, the former CEO of Apple Computers and has been a raw vegan for many years.

Worth trying?

Of course, there are many more celebrities that prescribe to this diet and they do so for a very good reason. It is a healthy diet that works. Really, when it comes to a diet could you ask for anything more? So, why not give it a try? It may prove to be a wise dietary move that will send you the path to increased health and fitness. Make sure to get your doctor's okay first!

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