Consider the cool looking Pinzon Potato Chip Slicer

Pinzo Mandolin SlicerIf you're looking for a stylish potato chip slicer, look no further than the Pinzon Stainless Steel Mandoline.

Most consumer model mandolines are made of plastic, but not this one. The Pinzon is made with stainless steel, just like the ones used by professional chefs. This one comes with four blades, so you have several options for types and thicknesses of your cuts.

Changing blades is easy. All you do is slide them in and out. Amd, adjusting the thickness is as simple as turning a knob. The slicer comes with a food holder for safety and a case for easy storage.

High Maintenance Blades

As anyone with quality knives know, you can't put them in the dishwasher. That goes for this steel mandoline as well. You'll need to hand wash this one. That's one of the biggest complaints about it, but it's normal to give good blades extra time and effort to care for them.

Discount Price

The list price for this potato slicer is $60, but Amazon currently has it on sale for $40.

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