Oster Blender Review

Oster BlenderThe Oster blender is a stylish but practical workhorse that's replaced a number of other appliances that used to take up precious space in our kitchen. This review is about the Classic Beehive, model number 4096.

This blender's steel blade and powerful (500-watt) motor make quick work of all the traditional jobs, like fresh and frozen fruit smoothies, along with iced coffee drinks and home-made milkshakes, but it's also great for pureeing soup, chopping nuts, mixing breadcrumbs, and making your own baby food.

The blender's retro design is attractive and easy to clean. While durable, replacement parts and accessories are available from the manufacturer, which makes this blender a good choice for eco-friendly buyers.


  • Space-saving multi-tasker great for small spaces.
  • Retro style that looks good on my counter.
  • Dishwasher safe, scratch resistant jar.
  • Durable and economical.
  • Replacement parts and accessories available from manufacturer.


  • Loud.
  • Only two speeds.
  • Bit heavy due to glass and metal construction.


  • Steel "ice-crusher" blade purees frozen fruit and vegetables in seconds.
  • 500-watt motor.
  • 5-cup (40 oz) scratch-resistant glass jar.
  • 2-speed toggle switch operation (pulse or continuous).
  • Space-saving dimensions (10.25" H x 14.25" W x 7.25" D).
  • Accessories and replacement parts (milkshake blade, blend-and-go cup, replacement blades and gaskets, etc.) available from manufacturer.
  • Available in chrome or black.


Price and durability were my main considerations when picking out a blender, and we've had no problems on either count in over a year of near-daily use, but I also really like the way the Oster Beehive looks. Space is a big consideration in our kitchen, and this blender has a cool, retro look, which means I don't mind leaving it out on the counter full-time, and that's a real convenience considering we use it so often.

The engine is powerful, and the glass jar is big and easy to clean. You can add some water and a little bit of dishwashing detergent, then flip the switch, and in moments the blender's clean again. The glass jar is dishwasher safe, too.

Good for health-conscious cooks:

I love making smoothies, and I try to stock up on fresh fruit from the farmer's market when it's in season to freeze for the winter. This blender has absolutely no problem pulverizing ice or frozen fruit, and the fruit doesn't get stuck on the bottom like it did in my older, hand-me-down blender. You can also throw in a whole orange or lemon and use the blender like a juicer without wasting any of the nutrients.

One feature I really appreciate is that this blender is good at multi-tasking. I used to stand over the stove for what felt like forever, trying to get a consistent smoothness out of lentil or potato soup. The Oster blends up a full pot of soup in seconds. I also use it for turning leftover bread into bread crumbs and blending raw peanut butter.


The 4096 is loud, so I try not to run it when the dog is sleeping. The sturdy construction is certainly a plus, but it does mean that the base is a bit heavy. You don't have to move it too often though, since you'll like the way it looks on the counter.

Overall, I really like the Oster Beehive blender for the budget-conscious.

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