Reader review of the Nesco FD-75PR food dehydrator

Here's an email sent in from Lea, about her 5-tray Nesco FD-75PR (Thanks Lea!):

Nesco FD-75PR food dehydratorMy experience with the Nesco Dehydrator...

For anyone who loves making their own pasta sauce with dried tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic, you have to try the Nesco Dehydrator. I would buy dried tomatoes, peppers and onions to make my sauce and that just seemed insane when I grew them fresh in my garden each year. And every year about half of my surplus ended up spoiling because I just couldn’t get to the canning (which I totally despise). Last year when I purchased my vegetable plants I decided to buy a dehydrator too.

It looked large enough to hold a fair amount of vegetables. It was not the least expensive but it wasn't the most expensive either. It had a temperature control that I knew would come in handy but I really liked the top-mounted fan, unlike the other models. 700-watt seemed the average size so I purchased.

I fully expected my first trial run to be a flop so I only filled one tray with thinly sliced tomatoes and set the temperature according to the directions. A few hours later, I was surprised to see almost perfect dried tomatoes. The next round, I filled all of the trays and had the same results.

I was fairly confident that the green peppers would turn out all right with their firm consistency but was a little skeptical about the onions. Let me put it this way, I will never buy a bottle of dried onions again! In fact, my friends want to purchase a bottle! Instead, I give them as gifts. I’m even thinking of making a basket that contain all of the ingredients for my famous pasta sauce that I made with my dehydrator and giving as gifts. Never again will anything spoil in my garden.

The enclosed recipe book was awesome and my first try at beef jerky was a success. I would highly recommend the Nesco Dehydrator for someone who considers himself or herself a gourmet cook. This year I have started an herb garden to try bottling my own herbs. Who knows, maybe I can even go into business for myself!

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