Nesco FD-1020 Food Dehydrator Review

Nesco 1020 DehydratorOne of the best food dehydrators on the market today is the Nesco FD-1020 Gardenmaster. Its retail price is $154.99, but can easily be found at online shops like Amazon for less than $130. This dehydrator features a 1000 watts of power, an adjustable thermostat, a 48-hour digital timer, dishwasher-safe parts, and a recipe book.

According to most customer reviews, the this Nesco (aka American Harvest) is a quality product. Many buyers praise the fact that the drying fan is very strong, which allows it to dry foods much more quickly than competing products. Many customers complain that the problem with many models is that they take too long to dry out the food. But with the Gardenmaster, that doesn't seem to be an issue.

Easy to Use Digital Controls

Others say that the Nesco is easy to use and the digital controls give them the same results every time; and that the automatic shut-off feature lets them dry foods out at night without having to adjust the trays or check the results before morning. The large fan and powerful motor also help to dry the bottom trays as quickly as the top ones.

Easy to Clean

Customers also love the fact that the Nesco FD-1020 is extremely easy to clean. Because of the position of the fan, dripping is often kept to a minimum. Most parts of the unit may be hand washed or simply inserted in the dishwasher. The trays are also non-stick, which means that all they really need is a quick rinse under the faucet.

Overall, customers found this Nesco Gardenmaster to be one of the most effective and efficient products that they had ever tried. These units are also more affordable than the Excalibur dehydrators, and be expanded to 20 trays.

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