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Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC Snackmaster

by Stan
(Las Vegas, NV)

Ever since I was young I have always been in love with beef jerky. It's texture, taste, everything is amazing about it. That's solely why I bought the Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC Snackmaster.

It has several loading trays so if you want you can put in more than your average dehydrator permits. I can fit about a pound and a half of meat in there. It also has a flattening device perfect for people like me who have bought it mainly for the wonders it does to beef.

The best thing about it though is that it wasn't expensive and it makes better jerky than a $10 pack at Walmart has ever tasted. I've tried several different flavors and I have yet to find one that doesn't beat store brand jerky hands down. It also makes great slim jims with a given contraption that shapes the meat into a tube. I have also tried apricots and apples and all taste perfect.

This machine is quiet, it's built strong and never gets dirty, overall it's the perfect dehydrator. It also comes with a recipe guide with a ton of great ideas if this is your first dehydrator.

If not, well then I would honestly suggest this because it is perfect for both professional and beginner alike.

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Aug 24, 2009
Love it for adventures
by: Tricia

We absolutely love our American Harvest Snackmaster Dehydrator! We sent it into overdrive this summer preparing for our first ever Boundary Waters Canoeing adventure.

Not only was I able to dehydrate your typical snacks (apples, pears etc) I tried pineapple (delicious!) and canned fruit (drain it and make sure the pieces are about the same size) it was like eating candy! I even made homemade beef jerky.

Now I can’t wait for our next adventure so I can try out new ideas (and more beef jerky) in our dehydrator!

Aug 13, 2009
Dehydrating fruit all the time
by: Donna

I have the same American Harvest Snackmaster. It has multiple levels (or trays) that can be set up to dry a whole lot of food at one time. It also came equipped with a plastic overlay tray that can be used in making fruit leathers. The dehydrator does have a temperature control, which is nice to be able to control how fast or slow the food is going to be dried.

It does not, however, have a timer or an on/off switch, which would have been nice additions. Any time the dehydrator is plugged in, it is running. It does make kind of a loud noise. A whirring/humming noise the entire time it is on.

I've used the dehydrator to preserve many items from my summer veggies and fruit shares...plums, cherries, sweet peppers, tomatoes.. they have lasted me well into the winter months when fresh produce was not available to me. I LOVE the dehydrator and all of the preservation options it affords me!

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