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20 Ways a Food Dehdyrator Can Save or Make You Money

Food dehydrators are a terrific investment even during this recession when so many of us are avoiding spending money. That's because a good food dehydrator can actually save you money. It doesn't just save you money on your groceries either; it can reduce the cost of your energy bills, medical expenses and general purchases. Moreover, it can be used to help you make money!

Following you'll find information about all of these terrific benefits along with tips for saving the most money that you can when purchasing a new food dehydrator.

How Your Dehydrator Saves You Money on Food

  1. It extends the shelf life of food which reduces waste.
    The main benefit of a food dehydrator is that it allows you to take food that's about to expire and to preserve it so that it can still be eaten. This significantly reduces the amount of food waste in your home which leads to significant savings on groceries.
  2. Grocery ReceiptBuy food in bulk.
    Because the food dehydrator allows you to preserve food in this way, it also allows you to buy food in bulk. Done correctly, buying in bulk can further reduce the cost of grocery spending.
  3. Reduces the cost of herbs and spices.
    It is quite pricey to buy herbs and spices at the local grocery store or market. You can use a food dehydrator to make your own herbs and spices at home for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Encourages you to go vegetarian.
    Many people are surprised to find that they like a variety of fruits and vegetables so much more when they have the option of eating them dried. This increases your ability to eat a vegetarian diet which tends to be less costly than a diet rich in meat and dairy.
  5. Save even more money by going raw.
    On a raw food diet, you stop cooking, but you can still dry with a dehydrator. Eating a raw food diet will save you money by skipping over all processed foods, which are convenient, but expensive and unhealthy.
  6. Provide you with the ultimate savings on camping food.
    It's expensive to buy food for camping and vacations. Your food dehydrator can be used to make homemade jerky, trail mix and dried fruit so that you don't have to pay the hefty prices for these things at local camping stores.
  7. Dried Fruit PlateYou can stop spending money on sweets.
    Candy and other sweets tend to be expensive but some of us have a sweet tooth that we just can't ignore. Dried fruit is an affordable (and healthy) alternative that we can take advantage of if we have a food dehydrator.

How Your Food Dehydrator Saves Money on Other Things

  1. Sell off your other kitchen accessories.
    Many people discover that they like using their food dehydrator so much that they don't want to use any other accessory in their kitchen anymore. You can sell off what you own and avoid making new purchases for the kitchen if you feel this way.
  2. You can use it to avoid spending money on gifts for people.
    We spend so much money on gifts for people's birthdays and other holidays. If you have a food dehydrator, you can make great-tasting, homemade edible gifts at a fraction of the cost of a store bought item.
  3. Reduce energy bills if you use a solar-powered food dehydrator.
    If you use a solar-powered food dehydrator then you'll hardly spend anything to power this machine. In general, running an electric food dehydrator is more cost-effective than running other appliances in the home.
  4. Reduce the cost of health care.
    It's really easy to maintain a healthy diet when you have a food dehydrator that you use regularly. A healthy diet means that you're a healthier individual which makes it less likely that you'll get sick and need to pay for medical coverage.
  5. Walden PondMakes you more conscious of simple living.
    People who get involved in the art of drying their own food tend to get focused on a simpler way of life. The process slows them down and makes them think about what really matters. This results in an ability to make more conscious choices about how to spend money in general which leads to total life savings.

How to Make Money with your Dehydrator

  1. Start a business selling your foods.
    You can offset the cost of buying a food dehydrator by using it to make some money off of it. Dehydrated foods are popular so you can create your own small business packaging and selling them. This doesn't have to be a huge thing (although it could be). You might just sell to the local moms in your neighborhood or the farmers' market but it still helps you to make some extra money off of your food dehydrator.
  2. Homemade Beef JerkyCreate your own dehydrator recipes and make money with them.
    Having a food dehydrator allows you to get creative about the foods that you can dry and consume. Start playing around with it and you may come up with some great recipes. You can turn your recipes into money.
  3. Write about dehydrators.
    If you enjoy using your food dehydrator then you might write about that use so that others can learn more about the topic. Web articles, blogs and even books about food dehydrators could be a money-making opportunity for you.
  4. Make money by offering classes about dehydrator use.
    A lot of people are curious about food dehydrators but they don't want to get one because they aren't sure quite how to use it. Make a little extra cash by offering low-cost classes in food dehydrator use. You may even want to get in the business of purchasing wholesale food dehydrators and reselling them for a profit at these classes!

How to Save Money on Buying and Using a Food Dehydrator

  1. Shop around for a deal.
    You want to make sure that you get all of these great money-saving benefits at the lowest initial investment cost possible. For that reason, you really want to do some comparison shopping to make sure that you're getting a great deal on your dehydrator.
  2. Look for discount codes and coupons.
    Once you've found a good deal on a dehydrator, try to find a coupon that you can use to reduce the cost of the purchase even more.
  3. Get only what you need in a food dehydrator.
    There are many different models to choose from. Some are large and elaborate and others are simple. Get exactly what you need and nothing more to reduce your investment.
  4. Get an energy-efficient food dehydrator.
    Look for a solar-powered or energy-efficient food dehydrator so that you can save on the cost of your electricity bills as you use this great machine.

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