Michael Graves Design Mandoline

Michael Graves Mandoline Slicer If you shop at Target, you're probably familiar with the Michael Graves Design products. They're usually cheaper than the name brand, but don't look or feel as cheap as the typical generic store brand stuff.

Because it was on sale, I picked up the Michael Graves V-Blade Mandoline. Unfortunately, I can't find it online at Amazon or Target anymore. But I still see them at the local store in my neighborhood.

The slicer works pretty well. I've used it to slice strawberries, carrots, apples, and onions. The V-blade is sharp and has remained sharp after three months. I use the mandoline multiple times per week. One of the nice things about it is it comes with several attachments. So it's probably lasting a little longer simply due to blade attachment rotation.

One of the reasons this is cheaper than the OXO V-Blade or other mandolines is it's not adjustable. So it's good for basic things, but it's lacking for recipes that call for ultra thin slices.

The Michael Graves Design mandoline comes with the V-blade, a wave slicer, and a grater. A food-holder/hand-protector is also included. The thoughtful design includes storage for the blades and a built-in food collector. When not in use, everything stores within itself, helping to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

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