Review of the OXO Mango Slicer

Mango SplitterAlthough a mango slicer is far from a necessity, having one in the kitchen makes it a lot easier to handle mangoes. They're also called mango splitters, and are a very useful tool to have around.

They resemble apple slicers and work similarly. To use, you simply place it over a mango and slide it down. When you get to the bottom, your mango will be split in two and the pit comes right out.

Using one of these means you won't have a mess to clean up. Before I got my OXO, my cutting board and my hands would end up drenched with juices. Plus, I would eat while standing over the sink.

Mangoes are one of my favorite foods of all time, and after I picked up a splitter, I started eating them a lot more often. Eating one is no longer a chore.

OXO Quality and Design

The OXO slicer is made with stainless steel blades and is dishwasher-safe. It's designed like other OXO utensils, meaning it's comfortable to grip and use. If you're a mango-lover, you're going to love this gadget.

If there's any flaw with it, it could be that it's hard to sharpen. I'm not sure how one goes about doing that. Then again, mine's lasted over a year, and it hasn't been troublesome at all. The blades have stayed sharp. I'm not sure if this is why, but I never put blades in the dishwasher if I can help it. I hand wash this utensil and dry it right away. I think it's helped with keeping it working well.

It'll pay for itself over time

After you get the seed out, you can either eat the mango right there, or finish prepping it for dehydration. Dehydrated mango slices are an awesome snack, very healthy and very tasty. If you've ever bought them from the store, you know they cost an arm and a leg. Get this $15 mango splitter, combine it with your dehydrator, and you've got great homemade, natural mango slices at a huge discount.

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