L'Equip Food Dehydrators

LEquip Food DehydratorL'Equip food dehydrators are known for high quality performance combined with modern design. They're unique looking, but they're also heavy duty appliances.

If you're into the whole nature/environment thing, this is the company for you. For every L'Equip unit sold, a tree will be planted in a hurting national forest.

Common Features

The choice is between the L'Equip Dehydrator 528 and the FilterPro.

  • 500+ Watts - good power, fast drying saves you time
  • Adjustable thermostat - you have total control
  • Expandable to 20 trays - it grows as your needs grow
  • Computer controlled heat sensor
  • Auto shut off - you don't need to babysit
  • 10 year warranty - buy with confidence

L'Equip FilterPro Dehydrator

LEquip Dehydrator FilterProThe L'Equip FilterPro is the top of the line L'Equip. That one has an intake air filter. I haven't tested that model, so I can't say whether or not it's useful. My Excalibur usually runs when nothing else in the kitchen is on, so there aren't any smells to contaminate my banana chips.

These are some good looking machines. If you have a designer kitchen with fancy looking things, an 'LEquip dehydrator (or any of their products) would fit right in. Even if you don't, I think the machines are tasteful and look good anywhere.

Note the square box shape. I like the box dehydrators because they don't have a big hole in the middle (unlike the round designs).

Bottom line

If your budget is in the $150+ range, it's a toss-up between an L'Equip and an Excalibur. You really can't go wrong because both are high quality dehydrators, and it's okay to choose based on aesthetics.

Buy the L'Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator

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