The LEquip FilterPro is a fantastic food dehydrator

L Equip FilterProThe L Equip FilterPro dehydrator is the company's top of the line model. It's an expandable unit (up to 20 trays) and its special feature is air filtering. It's one of the best looking dehydrators on the market, and its quality matches its appearance.

Advanced technology

The air filtration system makes sure no outside odors or flavors enter the dehydrator. That makes your food taste and smell as they should.

This L Equip dehydrator also has digital controls and display. Plus, the dryer has a computer chip that monitors the air temperature. If it needs to, it'll automatically increase or decrease the temperature.

The adjustable thermostat lets you dry at 95 F to 156 F. There's a 24-hour auto shut off timer too, so you can dehydrate your jerky, fruits, or whatever, without worrying about over-drying anything.

Nice package

The FilterPro comes with 6 trays, including 2 deep trays for taller items, 2 air filters, 2 fruit leather trays, and 6 mesh screens. It's everything you need to get started.

This is a great dehydrator. Its performance matches its looks.

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