The LEquip 528 is an excellent food dehydrator

L Equip 528 food dehydrator Meat dehydrators come in all kinds of styles and sizes but if you are looking for a quality dehydrator that is backed up with a huge 12-year warranty, the LEquip 528 is the machine for you. Guaranteed not to wear out for many years, this model is at the high end of craftsmanship and precision.

Only weighing 12 pounds but featuring 500 watts and an adjustable thermostat, this unit is able to do much more than just dehydrating meat. Food, flowers and herbs are all drying favorites. A complete instructional manual with recipes and drying times is included with every unit. Adjustable thermostat with temperature-controlled Heat Sensor for stable drying environment is easy with 6 full-size trays complete with mesh screen.

What Customers Say

Reviewers appreciate the L-shape of this meat and veggie dehydrator because it sits perfectly on the corner of a countertop and doesn't take up the room as does the round models. Available in gray or white, it has a solid-state variable temperature control for precise results and is easy to clean. It fits perfectly in a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances or you can easily fit in a cabinet.

Drying space is a big 12 square feet using all six stacking trays. Just fill up the dehydrator with your favorite meats or vegetables to make delectable treats for the kids on the go. Leather sheets are wonderful for preparing fruits, almost as sinful as candy. Zucchini, bananas, and sweet potatoes make luscious crispy chips for yourself and family.

Benefits of the LEquip 528 include being able to make your own home dried meats and vegetables that contain no preservatives. Dehydrated food also has concentrated, enhanced flavor. And you will always have the ability to buy seasonal foods and save money by dehydrating. Kids love jerky and dried fruits and these treats are perfect for traveling in a car or taking to sports games.

Great Design and Performance

One satisfied customer states that the unique timeless design really pulls his kitchen together with sleek metal lines and the unit runs very quietly. The dimensions measure 11.8 X 17 X 10.4 inches that shows you just how compact this meat and vegetable dehydrator is.

A popular hobby now taking place among the food dehydrator lovers is jerky and meat dehydrating swapping. Some of the seasonings and spices used in marinating meat are just awesome. Sharing recipes and having cook offs seem to be here to stay and can be a great reason for a party and a way to get new, exciting recipes.

Versatile and Durable

Another customer states that he bought the LEquip 528 Food Dehydrator because the price was right especially in comparison to the plastic models that begin to show wear after only a few years. You definitely want a model that is going to last, especially with all of the unique recipes you will be using and sharing. And of course, don't forget the potpourri from your spring and summer flowers. They will bring a welcome freshness to your home this winter. Meat, veggies, fruit, herbs and potpourri can save you lots of money and keep your supply and goody closet stocked up for unexpected events and guests.

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