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Koolatron Total Chef

by Amanda Tulowski
(Venice USA)

Recently I purchased a food dehydrator. It is the Koolatron Total chef, number TCFD-05. Not having much experience with dehydrators, I am finding this unit very simple to use. You simply cut the food product you want to dehydrate, certain foods they recommend different thicknesses. Most are pretty thin, though. Place the sliced food on the stackable trays, and put the lid on. Once the lid is on plug it in, and turn on the power. It is very simple. The reason I chose this particular model was because of several reasons. My parents have a dehydrator, of similar shape, so I am familiar with it. There are other shapes, rectangle, and styles almost like a croc-pot. I know it isn't the most logical reason, but it is what I am used to. the second reason was price. It by no means was the least expensive. It was about $58 after all said and done. The dehydrators I was able to find ranged from $10 all the way up to $250! I decided the less expensive models, would be to cheap, and I wasn't ready to get the industrial priced models. The color is a basic grey/black color. Not the most attractive, but it gets the job done. So far I have experimented with different fruits, and satisfied with the results. I am learning the key to dehydrating correctly maybe isn't exactly the machine you use, but how you prepare the food. Example, in my opinion apples are better a little chewy, so I slice them a bit thicker. I don't know if the more expensive models dehydrate quicker, but the unit is a little slow. As I understand it, all dehydrators take some time. Some of the items have taken excess of 36 hours! Overall I am very pleased with my Koolatron food dehydrator. It is a basic unit, easy to use. I recommend it to anyone interested.

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Sep 11, 2015
Koolatron Total Chef NEW
by: Chef

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Aug 14, 2015
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by: Faiyaz

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