How Else Can Dehydrators Be Used?

By now most people are familiar with how food dehydrators are used to remove moisture from meats, fruit and vegetables to preserve food but there are a number of other uses for a food dehydrator. When you consider that a dehydrator is a perfect environment for drying a whole world of new opportunities arises. Did you know you can use a food dehydrator as a humidifier, air freshener, a compost aid, dough rising, paper making, drying photographs and many other tasks? While your primary use will be to dry food a good dehydrator can come in handy for a number of other needs.

One of the more common uses for a dehydrator other than drying foods is to act as a humidifier. If your home has inhabitants feeling a bit uncomfortable during hot summer days due to high humidity you can use your dehydrator as a humidifier. By placing a shallow pan of water or several water containers in a dehydrator with the trays removed you can begin to evaporate the water and reduce the humidity in certain rooms. If a room in your home feels a little dry just set up a dehydrator in the room and let the evaporated water moisten the air.

Another good home use for a dehydrator is as potpourri or air freshener. Some rooms and closets can get stale and emit a foul odor that spray cans and candles can't get rid of. However, with a dehydrator and nice smelling herbs and leaves such as evergreen branches and even a hint of vanilla extract you can help improve the smell of rooms that need a breath of fresh air. By bundling the leaves of flowers and plants together and placing the collection in a dehydrator and setting it at the desired temperature you can leave the unit in the room and let the dehydration process infuse a pleasing aroma.

Another good use for a dehydrator, and one people who are in to raw food diets will appreciate, is that of a food compost aid. People who are interested in dehydrating food often maintain their own gardens from which they grow fresh fruits and vegetables. When you have potato skins, coffee grinds and other non-fat kitchen waste simply dry it in your food dehydrator, store it in a covered container and when the weather turns nice simply dump the mixture into your compost bin.

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