Plans for a Homemade Dehydrator

How to Build a Food Dehydrator

ToolboxIf you're still unsure about spending much money, you can make a homemade dehydrator with just a few parts.

While I don't think it's worthwhile to make you own dehydrator, it's definitely a fun project to do if you're the type that likes to build things.

I haven't created any new blueprints for a dehydrator, but there are several resources online that can guide you.

Best Food Dehydrator Plans:

Final Tips

There are even more plans for a homemade food dehydrator, but they're mostly variations of the ones listed above. The most important tip is to have a kitchen thermometer, so that you can monitor the temperature your homemade dehydrator is running at. Also, instead of light bulbs, try a cone heater. It'll last longer.

Finally, if you want to circulate the air, computer case fans are a frugal choice. You can might be able to pick up used ones at a computer repair shop. They're meant to run under hot conditions, so they'll run smoothly.

After giving yours a try, be sure to check out a commerical dehydrator. That way, you'll know for sure your homemade unit is better than the ones at the store.

Good luck with your project and have fun!

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