Healthy Raw Food Diets

If you're planning on going on a raw food diet be careful. While the switch to raw food including vegetables, fruit and whole grains can be very healthy there is also the possibility of being undernourished and lacking much needed protein and vitamin B12. Some people like the idea of going raw with their diet but don't do enough research to learn how to properly prepare raw foods to ensure they get the right nutrients their bodies need. Before jumping into a strict raw food diet you may want to consider easing your way in by using a food dehydrator to try a few recipes to make sure it is the right diet for you.

One reason people opt for a raw food diet is that is eliminates cooking and boiling food. Though research into whether or not cooking removes valuable nutrients from food is inconclusive there is no doubt that raw food contains 100% of its nutrients. People also believe strongly that eating raw foods such as fruits and vegetables can greatly reduce the risk of certain types of cancer including oral and gastric cancers. Again, proving such beliefs is still a ways off but switching to a diet that features raw food and food that has been dehydrated certainly can't hurt as long as you are careful to make sure your body gets the right protein and nutrients.

Most raw food diets will consist of raw fruit and vegetables. This type of diet can also include seaweed, sprouts, beans and nuts while banishing such things as alcohol, refined sugars and caffeine. For coffee lovers this can present a problem. Even decaf coffee has some caffeine and habitual coffee drinkers will definitely experience withdrawal when quitting java cold turkey. This is just one example of how switching to a raw food diet can cause complications with your lifestyle. If you enjoy chocolate, the occasional beer with friends and morning coffee you should consider how strict you want to be with a raw food diet.

One problem people have when switching to raw foods is the lack of flavor and variety. Simply eating nuts, vegetables and fruit can be pretty boring. One solution is to prepare different recipes using a food dehydrator. By drying vegetables, fruits and even meat you can create tasty fruit leather roll-ups, beef jerky and vegetable chips. Variety is the spice of life and can be a much needed addition to your diet to keep from growing tired of straight up raw food.

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