The FoodSaver V2840, Best-Rated Sealer

FoodSaver V2840 Vacuum SealerThe FoodSaver V2840 is one of the best rated vacuum sealers. This is a new model that has a simple and new design. For someone who does a lot of vacuum sealing, it's great because you don't need to constantly pull it out and put away.

Design Features

Unlike other counter-top sealers, you can flip this one up when you're not using it, saving you counter space if you're the type of person who leaves things out or don't have storage space.

It has a stainless steel lid, so it'll match any modern kitchen that's outfitted with other stainless appliances.

Product Features

The V2840 Advanced Design Sealer is a heavy-duty sealer built for regular use. It has one-touch operation, which means it's easy to use and you only need to push one button to make it work. It vacuums, seals, and turns off automatically. Depending on the food you're storing, you can choose one of two speeds. There is a canister mode, which allows for the ultimate vacuum packaging when you're storing things in canisters and crush-proof containers. Then when you want to seal in a bag, you can use the CrushFree Instant Seal, which senses when to stop vacuuming so you don't crush the storage food items.

This unit works with the FoodSaver bags, which are safe to boil, microwave, and freeze. They've been proven to prevent freezer burn, so you don't need to worry about long term freezer storage. This vacuum sealer has an extra-wide sealer strip and a built-in roll holder and cutter, so you can easily make custom-sized bags. The antibacterial drip tray is detached simply and is dishwasher-safe.

Customer Reviews

FoodSaver V2840 Flip Up DesignCustomers commented that this is the best vacuum sealer they've tried. They liked that it's easy to use and clean. Others mentioned how quiet it is compared to other units.

The unique design of the flip-up feature was a big hit, as it allowed users to keep it on the counter even when not being used, which made it easy to use frequently.

Some would cook in bulk, and without even waiting to let it cool, they'd seal the extra food immediately and freeze. Future meals would be a simple thaw and heat, and the quality and taste wouldn't suffer.

What's Included

This particular model comes with the following items: starter kit of bag material, accessory hose, quick start guide, and DVD. The FoodSaver V2840 Advanced Design Sealer is 16-3/4 x 9-3/4 x 14-1/2 inches.

It retails for $400, which makes it among the more expensive home sealers. However, the price reflects the very positive ratings and reviews.

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