The Convenience of a FoodSaver Handheld

Handheld Vacuum SealerThe FoodSaver Handheld is an inexpensive vacuum sealer that's a popular model with people with small food storage jobs. The FreshSaver FSFRSH0055 comes with everything you need to start with. If you've never had a FoodSaver, this is an effective entry-level model.

What's Included

This particular model comes with the following items: charging stand, deli tray, reusable medium bag, and a reusable large-sized bag.

Combined with a meat slicer, you can make fresh deli slices and have an airtight place to store them. Removing the air from the container lets you keep the meats fresher, longer. It's also really handy when you have leftovers. It's perfect for ready-to-eat items, so saving and prepping healthy meals is very easy.

It's a small unit that measures just 6-1/2 by 4-2/7 by 11-2/5 inches. The small size means it won't take up much counter space, and if it's out, you may be more likely to use it. Of course, it's small enough that if you like to put things away, it's not going to take up a lot of space. As the name impllies, it's a handheld, so you simply place it over your bags or containers and push the button.

It retails for just $30, much cheaper than the large countertop units. If you're unsure you need a vacuum sealer, try this one first. You can always sell it if you decide to upgrade later.

Specific Containers

While the FreshSaver handheld will work with any FoodSaver bags, you have to buy model-specific containers. If you need more containers, make sure to get the ones made for FoodSaver FreshSaver System sealers.

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