Hanging Dehydrator by Food Pantrie

Food Pantrie Hanging DehydratorThe Food Pantrie hanging dehydrator is a 5-tray mesh container that dries food without electricity. I can think of a couple reasons to use this, though I think an electric food dehydrator is more convenient and consistent.

No Power, No Heat

If you're looking to save money on your utilities, maybe this is a good item for you. You'll be air-drying the things in the hanging dehydrator, so there's nothing to plug in. All you need is space to hang the big dryer. It won't cost anything at all to use it.

The other reason I can think of for using this is if you're a strict raw foodist or fruitarian. In general, raw foodists say it's okay to use a dehydrator because the low heat settings don't kill the living food enzymes that are so important. However, if using any heat at all is unacceptable to you, the hanging food dehydrator is a good alternative to the others.

Wheatgrass and Seed Sprouting

Food Pantrie Seed SproutingIf you buy this unit and are unsatisfied, you might be happy to know it doubles as a wheatgrass and seed sprouter. Some of the seeds you can sprout include alfalfa, barley, lentils, mung beans, red clover, and wheat. In the photo, that's one square foot of wheatgrass, and all of it can be turned into super-healthy juice.

Overall though, the hanging dehydrator seems overpriced. I don't have one and have never seen one, so I can't comment on the build quality. For $60, it'd better be unbreakable. There is a customer at Amazon that says he's been using his for 10 years though. Still, you can get a decent Nesco/American Harvest for less than that.

Plus, you'll need to find a sturdy spot to hang it. It's five pounds empty.

If you already have an electric dehydrator, then maybe you'll consider this so you can compare the food from both kinds of dehydrators. If you do, please share your results.

Food Pantrie Dehydrator Video

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