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How Do I Use My Food Dehydrator?

Food dehydrator instructionsThe dehydrator's the most foolproof kitchen appliance around. You turn it on, come back a few hours later, and start snacking. As easy as it is, many are like me, and like to read instruction manuals.

The Nesco Food Dehydrator instructions contain enough information to fill a $20 book. The manual you get can be anywhere from 12 to 65 pages, depending on the model.

The free books are full of information and recipes, and you won't need to add another dehydration book to your shelf unless you're the type who needs to know everything.

Free Downloads

I've collected all the Nesco manuals because I like gathering all the free info I can. You can download them here:

Nesco Manuals

Back to Basics Manual

If you want to save money, grab the free PDFs. The beauty of the internet and PDFs is saving paper and ink. You probably won't need all 65 pages of a manual, so browse it on your computer. Then print out just the pages you'll use. With the cost of ink these days, I try to not to use my printer if I can help it.

Good Eats Dehydrator

Alton Brown says:

I have a deep, personal disdain for food dehydrators. It's not just that they're all unitaskers, which they are, but 99% of those on the market are little more than just cheap heaters attached to the back of cheap plastic boxes. But at the very worst, they don't work at all. The very best, they cook as much as they dehydrate the food, and that creates a completely different type of flavor and texture. One that we don't want.

Try the do-it-yourself route. The best homemade dehydrator would be Alton Brown's. Visit the Good Eats Fan Page for the transcript and YouTube video. You know how Alton hates uni-taskers, and the food dehydrator is one of them.

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