Best value on an Excalibur Food Dehydrator

Life doesn't get any better than this: Excalibur Food Dehydrators and the cornucopia of summer reaching your consciousness simultaneously. Clearly this is the year for you to benefit by incorporating healthy dehydrated foods into your diet. Excaliburs make this so easy and economical. You and your family will love, love, love these healthy foods.

Excalibur Food Dehydrator fanWhile there are several models to choose from, many include the same functions. Let's look at some of those commonalities. The adjustable thermostat is one of the most popular features. The importance of adjusting the temperature for the dehydrating process cannot be overstated. Drying foods at temperatures low enough to keep health-supporting enzymes viable is ideal and exactly what these units do. Did you know that more nutrients are preserved dehydrating than canning? Yet another plus!

After harvesting your homegrown fruits and vegetables and placing them in the dehydrator with the 26-hour timer there is no need to stand watch over the process. The timer feature will turn itself off after dehydrating fruit or meat or anything is complete - you are free to go play a round of golf without watching the clock.

Great options to choose from

If you have a large garden flanked by fruit trees, consider Model 3926t ($299.95), the large, 9-tray Excalibur. The 3926t boasts 15 square feet of drying space - that's a lot of apples and peaches and pears, oh my! The output is 600 watts with a 7" fan.

Do you have a more modest gardening endeavor on the weekends? Model 3526t ($249.95), the Small-Garden Excalibur will fit your needs; built with plenty of drying room on 5 trays equaling 8 square feet of drying space. You'll appreciate how quick and easy dehydrating works; no messy clean up like after canning. The output for this model is 440 watts with a 5" fan.

Small but still quite mighty is Model 2400 ($149.95), the Starter Excalibur. The performance is equal to the larger models minus the flourish. This dehydrator does not have a timer but does include the adjustable thermostat with an output of 220 watts and a 4" fan. If you are just starting out as a gardener or dehydrator, this is the model for you.

Refurbished is good as new

Are you still not sure exactly where to jump in to the dehydrating process? Give thought to refurbished - the deal of deals. It's the Model 2900 / 3900R ($159.95) and it's big. Very similar to the Large Excalibur in temperature control, drying area, watts and fan size at almost half the price. These food dryers are refurbished at a certified center to exact manufacturer specifications and include a free 10-year warranty. These models were sales displays, canceled orders, and returns from customers who wanted a larger size or different color so you may (if you really look) find minor blemishes. If the one thing you are sure of at this moment is that the Starter Excalibur is too small, this dehydrator just might have your name on it.

Eat snacks prepared without chemicals and spend 5 cents per hour to do so. Use yours to make trail mix, power bars, salad toppings, even yogurt and jerky - there are lots of recipes in the accompanying 28-page recipe booklet. Excalibur food dehydrators are the waterless wave of the future; making a real change to the healthy foods we enjoy.

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