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Jul 05, 2009
Excalibur 2900 vs. Lequip
by: Kris

From the first day I went raw, I have had the same 9 tray excaliber dehyrator and it is still going strong after 9 years. There are many brands out there now, but really only a few I recommend. The 9 tray Excaliber is one of the ones that will allow you to dehydrate the most the fastest. They are very high quality. Many people enjoy the L equip dehydrator because it is smaller, more compact, and looks a little nicer because of that. I don't think I would have enjoyed the L equip because I don't think it would have allowed me the space and versatility that I get with the excaliber. For example, I can stick a whole pie pan in my excaliber to dehydrate a crust, and I don't think this is possible with the l equip. The 6 tray excaliber is nice if you know you are only going to make small amounts at a time and only for yourself and one other.

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