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Jul 05, 2009
Better than the last
by: A. Kashani

Since I am a work at home mother, I have a lot of downtime. Usually I read the news or I watched TV, but lots of things changed when I first discovered that it was possible to dehydrate foods. The colorful manual is extremely helpful and has lots of cool recipes and creative things to dehydrate. My husband used a dehydrated many years ago, but he ended up throwing it out because it made the foods very stale and bad tasting. We opened up our excalibur, a huge improvement over the other one. This has 9 racks and drys the food horizontally, so it doesn't require you to rotate the items on the tray. Its a 600 dehydrateor, so it drys it efficiently and quickly. I think that it is extremely worth it, given all its features. Dried food (fruits, meat, etc.) make great easy snacks for kids. My kids love to eat dried kiwi, because of its tangyness! I highly recommend this dehydrator, you will not regret your purchase.

Jun 24, 2009
Good value
by: Ethan

I have this one too after looking at the 3000 series. I went with this one because it was cheaper and was the same size. Works just fine.

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