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Easy Fruit Roll-Ups

by Rathinam

My dehydrator is a Ronco. It is useful to dry the moisture from the food items. I am able to store dry foods for long time. Dried foods make recipes more tastier than any other things. First of all, when I am making my recipes, I always have the ingredients I need. If I find myself needing an ingredient that is out of season, I can now have the ingredients anytime when I dehydrate those special ingredients. Dehydrating fruits, nuts, herbs and spices can help to complete favorite recipes even if tat ingredient is out of season. As I have the capability to dry foods through dehydrator appliance I am able to get it at any time whether it is season or not for the particular food items. I can dehydrate the vegetables; so that I can make vegetable soup at anytime.

My dehydrator recipe: Fruit Rolls

I take 1 jar flavor apple sauce. I can flavor my fruit rolls with fresh pureed fruit, powdered flavoured gelatin, or with coconut or nuts. Just mix it in or sprinkle on top before drying. Spray a fruit roll sheet with any type of cooking spray. Place several tablespoons of apple sauce on a fruit roll sheet, to make small roll-ups. Spread to 1/4" thickness, so they are about 4" in diameter, I can fit 6-8 on fruit roll sheet, depending on how large you make them. Place intray of dehydrator. Dehydrate at 140 F for approximately 5-7 hours or until top of fruit roll is tacky. Remove, roll up and place in a zip lock bag.

Anyway my Ronco is very useful to prepare tasty food items. Thanks to my dehydrator.

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Apr 10, 2018
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by: Stroke of Genius

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