Save time drying marijuana by using a dehydrator

BrownieI once visited a coworker's house to see his indoor pot farm. He wasn't drying marijuna in a dehydrator, but he had one in the room. The plants are best when they're air dried over several weeks. I asked him if he used the dehydrator for his operation, and he said yes.

Growing weed isn't worthwhile unless you're growing a lot. It's less troublesome to get a medical recommendation letter from a doctor. If you're harvesting it for yourself, you probably enjoy the work. But the most boring part of it is probably drying marijuana. It's a long, slow chore.

How to Dry Marijuana

The best way to dry a fresh harvest is to hang them upside down in a well-ventilated room. You want the weed to dry naturally, at its own speed. Drying too fast can cause it to smell and/or taste bad. You can't let it dry too slowly either, because you have to watch for mold.

After drying, it has to cure. This is putting the trimmed buds in a jar for a while. You'll also need to change the air once a week and watch for mold. It's understandable to want to speed up the process. It's a fantastic pain reliever, nausea reducer, appetite stimulant, and many other medicines. If you're relying on it for any symptoms, you probably can't wait any longer.

What's the fastest way to dry marijuana without destroying it?

While drying marijuana in a dehydrator isn't ideal, it is the safest way to speed up the drying process. Using an oven isn't energy efficient because you need a very low temperature. If you bake it too hot, you may lose the THC. A microwave is definitely out of the question. You just can't trust a microwave to be gentle enough. It can lose its potency if it gets too hot. It's not a marijuana drying machine, but it's the closest thing.

I'd recommend 95 F (41 C), overnight, but that depends on how quickly you need the medicine. If you plan to smoke it, know that the faster it dries, the worse it'll smell and taste. You really want to have as little heat as possible, so that the THC isn't released, lowering the potency.

Test it!

Drying your pot in a dehydrator won't yield prize winning buds, but it's the most efficient method for getting quick dry marijuana. Try it with a quarter of your next harvest and set up a blind taste test. If the quality of the dehydrated herb is acceptable, then you know you can continue doing this and save yourself weeks of drying.

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