Use a dehydrator for drying food

ApplesDrying food is the oldest method of preserving food. The way it works is the water is removed from the food. That makes it impossible for bacteria and decay to destroy it. Bacteria and micro-organisms won't have water to survive on.


Before electric dehydrators, people simply sun dried whatever they wanted to save. But that's inefficient and unreliable. These days, using a food dehydrator is the most popular way to dry food.

Big companies would dry huge amounts in a commercial food dehydrator. These units can be as big as a refrigerator and sometimes even bigger than that.

Obviously, a home dehydrator would be much smaller than a commercial one. These fit on your kitchen counter, and some models are capable of drying pretty large amounts of food. The Excalibur 9-tray is an example of a home unit that can handle a lot.

All kinds of foods are suitable for drying. Meats are turned into jerkies. Grapes become raisins. Pureed fruits end up as fruit leathers.

Be Frugal

If you want to save money, one of the best ways is buying only on sale. So sometimes you might come home with a lot of meat, but too much to finish in time. Instead of freezing everything, you can dry half of it. Jerky can be stored for months in an airtight container. It's a low-fat snack to have around. You might also buy fruits only in season. That's a great way to support local farmers. But what about the leftovers? There are plenty of fruit recipes for a dehydrator, so don't worry!

Canning and freezing have surpassed drying as the top preservation methods now. So, while drying food isn't as widespread these days, it'll never go away. And doing it at home with an electric dehydrator is the frugal way to save food and money.

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