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If you're in the market for a food dehydrator be sure to browse through our helpful articles to learn more about the food dehydration process and which dehydrators are best for your needs. There are several high quality brands to choose from including Excalibur, Nesco and L'Equip and each has their own distinct features that will make your raw food recipes taste great. Know how to compare the features of specific food dehydrators so you know you're getting the dehydrator that is best for your raw food diet. We feature updated information that includes food dehydrator reviews, recipes and instructions as well as tips for starting a raw food diet and the best blenders and food slicers to use when preparing raw food recipes. At Dehydrator Book we want you to be as informed as possible so you can enjoy healthy raw food diets using any food dehydrator.

Benefits of Food Dehydrators

Benefits of Nesco Food Dehydrators

Choosing a Food Dehydrator

Comparing Food Dehydrators

Healthy Raw Food Diets

How Do Food Dehydrators Work?

How Else Can Dehydrators Be Used?

Popular Food Dehydrator Recipes

Raw Food Dehydrator Recipes

Using Excalibur Food Dehydrators

From Best Blender Reviews to Food Dehydrators

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