What's the Best Dehydrator Cookbook?

LIbrary AisleIt's nice to have a real dehydrator cookbook in the home. You can browse through it on the couch or patio. It's got some weight, so it's easier to handle around the kitchen, compared to computer printouts or booklets.

You don't need multiple dehdyrator books, but there is a good selection to choose from. Here are some of the top selling and best-reviewed food dehydrator books.

  1. Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook
    Mary Bell traveled around the country with her food dehydrator and showed people how to dry food. With nearly 30 reviews, it averages 4.5 stars out of 5.
  2. Trail Food: Drying and Cooking Food for Backpacking and Paddling
    Great book that shows you how to dry foods with or without an electric dehydrator. It starts with why the benefits of dry food and provides plans for a homemade dehydrator. He does recommend a store bought unit because of convenience and efficiency. The book's rated 5 stars with 14 reviews.
  3. Just Jerky : The Complete Guide to Making It
    This is another Mary Bell dehydrator book. It's all about jerky. It has recipes for dehydrators, smokers, and ovens. Besides meats, there are recipes using soy protein. It has a 5 star rating with 8 reviews so far.
  4. How to Dry Foods
    Deanna DeLong is a food dehydration expert that teaches across the country. The book is a complete guide to drying, with detailed instructions and over 100 recipes. 4.5 stars with 13 reviews.
  5. The Solar Food Dryer: How to Make and Use Your Own Low-Cost, High Performance, Sun-Powered Food Dehydrator
    Eben Fodor studies renewable energy and applied his knowledge to this book. If you don't want to buy a home dehydrator, here are plans to build one that uses solar power. 4.5 stars with 6 reviews.
  6. The Dehydrator Bible: Includes over 400 Recipes
    Some of the recipes include beef and potato stew, chicken pot pie, vegetable lasagna, and strawberry rhubarb tarts. It's 368 pages.
  7. Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People
    Jennifer Cornbleet is a cooking instructor in Chicago. Her book has over 100 recipes for one or two people. It also includes lunch and dinner meal plans. Nearly 150 customer reviews and it scores a 4.5 out of 5.
  8. Preserve It Naturally
    From the Excalibur company.
  9. Dry It, You'll Like It: A Book About Food Dehdyration
    This is one of the classic dehydrator books.

Finally, there are the free dehydrator instructions that come with dehydrators. Nesco puts out a great collection of instruction manuals. You can choose any dehydrator cookbook from the list above, and combined with the internet, have all the info you'll need about drying food.

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