Comparing Food Dehydrators

When you're in the market for food dehydrator it's good to know in advance what you want from your dehydrator and what food you plan on using it for. There are plenty of top brand name food dehydrators available including Excalibur, Nesco and L'Equip but each has different features and the only way to know which one is best for you is to compare some key areas that will allow you to make the best decision when it comes to buying your food dehydrator.

Not all dehydrators are the same and while some are ideal for fruits and vegetables others are better suited for making jerky from beef and other meats. Before you go shopping for a dehydrator, have a good idea of the recipes you intend to make so you find the food dehydrator that best meets your needs. Some dehydrators will have vertical heating air flow while others use horizontal heating. Vertical heat air flow uses a heat source from the bottom of the unit whereas horizontal air flow comes from the top and this can have an effect on the drying times and how even the drying is done in your dehydrator.

Depending on the raw food you will be drying you will also want to pay close attention to the spacing between the trays located in the dehydrator unit. Some dehydrators have a ¾" space between trays while others feature a full 1" spacing. Different dehydrator models also have the option for removing trays in case you want to insert a dish rather than just raw food. Depending on how often you use a dehydrator and how much food you're dry at a time you will also want to not the total number of trays in a food dehydrator so you find the one that can accommodate your drying needs.

Another option to keep in mind is whether or not a food dehydrator has a built in timer. Excalibur models do not have built in timers while the L'Equip FilterPro does have one. Manufacturers choose not to have built in timers due to the fact that a unit can shut down based on time and this may leave food partially dried. If you set a dehydrator for a 24-hour drying period and the food needs 30-hours you will run the risk of food that isn't full dehydrated. Before you purchase a food dehydrator so some careful comparison shopping to make sure you get the food dehydrator that is right for your raw food recipes.

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