How to Have Clean Dehydrator Trays

Dehydrator Mesh ScreenA common question about home dehydrators is how to clean the dehydrator trays. It seems like an easy answer, but sometimes, the dried foods can leave behind a sticky mess.

Soak the dehydrator trays

When I have stuck foods (which is rare), I'll soak them overnight in the sink in soapy water. The next morning, it's pretty easy to wash off with a scrubber. If it's still not clean, I'll include with the next load for the dishwashing machine.

Take Advantage of Dehydrator Accessories

You can make it easier for yourself by using an available dehydrator accessory. I think the teflon-coated, non-stick sheets are great. The major names are the Paraflexx and the Teflex. You can find generic dehydrator tray sheets easily online, at a cookware shop, or or some health food store, especially the ones that focus on raw vegans or raw foodists. You can cut them to the size and shape of your dehydrator, so they'll work with round and box ones. These are easy to clean, since they're non-stick, and they're reusable. They'll keep your trays nice and clean.

Whether you have a 5-tray or 9-tray dehydrator, remember to get enough sheets for all of them.

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You can also use mesh screens. By putting a screen over the tray, you'll accomplish two things. First, you'll prevent food residue from forming on the trays. Second, the food sticks to the mesh screens instead of the tray, making the trays easy to clean. Finally, there's less surface area for the food to stick to on the screens, so those will be very easy to clean too.

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Easy Clean-up

That's all it takes to have clean dehydrator trays. Simply soak the trays overnight before a run in the dishwasher. Or, you can try either of the dehydrator accessories. Either way, I think you'll see that washing up after dehydrating food doesn't have to be a chore.

Food Dehydrator Instructions

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