Choosing a Food Dehydrator

There are several high quality food dehydrators available that will perform a variety of dehydrating techniques. However, before you select a dehydrator for your home use do some research to determine what the features of a particular brand are and what you will mostly be using your dehydrator for so you can find the best dehydrator for your needs. Excalibur, Nesco and L'Equip manufacture great food dehydrators but each has its own unique features that will determine whether or not it is right for you. Keep several factors in mind when choosing a food dehydrator including the timer, temperature controls, the drying time and how easy it is to clean.

When shopping for a food dehydrator for the home, remember to look at the non-commercial units. Some dehydrators are manufactured for commercial use and these are way too big for what you will be preparing for your family. Next, look for food dehydrators that have a timer. Surprisingly not all food dehydrators come with a timer and this can cause problems when you are drying food for 20+ hours at a time. With a timer on the food dehydrator you won't have to worry about getting up at 3am to turn off a dehydrator when drying fruits and vegetables.

Another important factor in choosing a food dehydrator is temperature control. In time you will become more familiar with your dehydrator, like any cooking tool, and will be able to determine times and temperature for specific foods and recipes. Buying a dehydrator without temperature controls can mean a loss of vitamins and enzymes in fruits and vegetables that are left in the dehydrator for too long at too high a temperature. Look for a food dehydrator that has easy to use temperature controls so you can start off at the proper settings.

Depending on how often you use your dehydrator know which units are easier to clean and those that run at quieter volumes. Excalibur dehydrators are known for how easy the trays can be removed to check on dried foods and for cleaning while some Nesco dehydrators need to be taken apart since the trays are stacked on top of each other. Also, some dehydrators can make quite a bit of noise when in operation and if it is going to be in your kitchen while you are sleeping you may want to consider finding a dehydrator that is quiet or put in a basement so it doesn't keep you up at night.

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