Chefs Choice Slicers

Using one of these Chefs Choice slicers, you soon realize they can easily handle almost anything. Use these electric food slicers as meat slicers, vegetable slicers, bread slicers, or any kind of slicer as long as you can fit the food the slide.

Thin sliced, deli quality meats and cheeses used to be a real treat to purchase even though the cost was much more than purchasing thick sliced or bulk. This no longer needs to be the case with a full line of electric slicers on the market today for home use. Now you can purchase a ham or a roast and make your own deli style meats in minutes for a portion of deli prices.

Read about three of the best-selling Chefs Choice slicers:

Chef's Choice 630

Chefs Choice Slicer 630One such electric slicer for the beginner is the Chef's Choice International, Gourmet Electric Food Slicer 630. Key cast aluminum and stainless steel parts will make you feel as if you are using a commercial grade product, slicing a 5/8-inch deli thin piece. A retractable food carriage allows you to slice extra large roasts, hams and other large, bulky foods with ease. A great gift for someone that makes lunches or freezes meats for convenience. A block of cheddar cheese comes out thin and perfect, saving you hundreds of dollars over time. 10.1 pounds takes up very little counter space for regular use. Click here for more info on the 630.

Chef's Choice 632

Chefs Choice Slicer 632For a little more flexibility, the Chef's Choice International, VariTilt Slicer 632 comes with the ability to use in a tilted position for better control and also has all of the same great features as the 630. A 100 watt universal motor, gear drive, approximate 7-inch diameter multi-purpose stainless steel blade plus features a cantilevered design convenient for larger trays. The first thing you will notice is the blade has a Titanium-gold coating just like power drills that meant extra durability. The machine itself is very well made. The tilt feature makes it easy to slice heavy items like meats (tilted up) and soft vegetables like tomatoes (tray down). The slicing is precise and effortless. The 10.6-pound unit makes storage or leaving on a countertop very convenient. Click here for more info on the 632.

Chef's Choice 667

Chefs Choice Slicer 667For the professional chef, Chef's Choice International, Gourmet Electric Food Slicer 667 brings everything that one expects in a commercial grade electric slicer. Rugged enough for use by caterers and chefs alike, the 667 operates at over 1/4 horsepower for large jobs, slicing from 5/8 to 1/2 inch foods with quiet precision. It easily slices prosciutto, bresaola, beef carpaccio, or Ahi Tuna carpaccio paper thin like it is supposed to be without difficulty, something you normally only find in a deli. A big 31.6 pounds will put you in charge of this top of the line model. Click here for more info on the 667.

Whether you are a beginner with an electric slicer or a seasoned chef, you will find Chefs Choice slicers to be unbeatable for quality and endurance with extra precision blades and sharpeners available. Clean up for all three models is a snap with removable parts and easy assemble again. Use for a leftover turkey at Thanksgiving, fresh garden vegetables or a roast for that rich deli taste. You can now have quality at home at a much lower cost. A one-year guarantee further sustains that this is a quality product.

The 610 - A lower price alternative

You may also want to consider the Chef's Choice 610. This is a very popular kitchen slicer and costs just $100. Chefs Choice slicers are some of the best-selling today, and with their large selection of models, you're sure to find one that fits your budget, big or small.

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