Review of the popular Chefs Choice food slicer (Model 610)

Chef's Choice Meat SlicerThis Chefs Choice food slicer is one of the most popular models available. It's a consumer meat slicer with professional performance. And it's priced just right for any family.

Good durability

The 610 is made with cast aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. The materials give it a nice look as well as lasting quality. The versatile blade is a 7 incher, and can slice your cold cuts from deli-thin up to 1 inch slices. It's powered by a smooth, electric motor. What's important is the motor runs cool, so you can keep slicing without worrying about overheating the machine.

The meat slicer is 15" x 10.5" x 10.8". The food carriage is tilted and holds a large amount of meat (or anything else). The major pieces (blade, food carriage, food pusher, food deflector, thickness guide) all come off so you can wash them easily. It also comes with a serving tray.

This inexpensive meat slicer is a popular choice because of the value. Uniform cuts can be important when preparing a delicious and great-looking dish. The design allows for large meats, like a ham or roast, making it easy to have perfect slices. It's also useful for slicing other things, like bread and vegetables.

Save time and money

Many kitchen knives cost as much as this home meat slicer. It'll pay for itself over time because of the time and money you'll save. It's surprising that it retails for just a little over $100. By combining this with a food dehydrator, you can make most perfect beef jerky.

If you buy jerky or sliced deli meats at the market, you'll be amazed how easy it is to do it yourself. Using the Chefs Choice food slicer is the easiest way to get quick and even slices.

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