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Here's what other Dehydrator Book readers are buying when they visit Amazon. (I don't see what individual customers are buying. I only see what items are bought.)

This list is updated quarterly.

Most Popular Food Dehydrators

I was surprised when I counted the stats for Q1 2011. the Nesco 75PR was the best seller. It's a good dehydrator and usually goes for around $50 at Amazon (MSRP $75). The Excalibur 3900 was second. It was also the most expensive of the group at $219 (MSRP $249).

  1. Nesco FD-75PRNesco FD-75PR
    The Snackmaster Pro is the best dehydrator under $100.
    (Nesco FD-75 Review)
  2. Excalibur Dehydrator 3900Excalibur 3900
    Lost the top spot after two straight quarters. This is the one I recommend and the one I personally own.
    (Excalibur Review)
  3. Nesco Square DehydratorNesco FD-80 Square-Shaped
    Excalibur isn't the only one making square shaped dehydrators. Here's Nesco take on it. The FD-80 is new to this list.
    (Reader Review)
  4. Nesco FD-1010Nesco American Harvest FD-1010
    If you've decided to get the best Nesco without a timer, this is it.
    (Nesco FD-1010 Review)
  5. Excalibur Dehydrator 3900Excalibur 2900
    Save some money with the older model Excalibur. It's stil a 9-tray, so it has plenty of space.
  6. Nesco FD-61WHCNesco FD-61 with Jerky Gun
    This might be the best deal when it comes to buying a first dehydrator. It's not the greatest dehydrator, but the package includes the jerky gun, so it's a good start to making your first beef jerky.
  7. L'Equip 528L'Equip 528
    The sales of both L'Equips appear to be dropping. People are going with the other names in dehydrating.
    (L'Equip 528 Review)

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