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If you follow a raw food diet, you likely know how difficult it can be to prepare foods using standard or outdated appliances. Thankfully, the modern world has many options for those who need to prepare raw foods with the utmost care.

What are your options? Here, you will learn more about the best blenders.

The VitaMix 4500

The VitaMix name is synonymous with quality, speed and simplicity. The VitaMix 4500 is no exception to this rule, either. If you need to prepare raw foods, you'll find that this is the ideal solution for your needs. What does this blender offer?

VitaMix Blender 4500First, the blender features two speeds, with the highest speed capable of reaching blade speeds in excess of 200 mph. While that's certainly impressive from a pure speed standpoint, the real beauty of it is that this provides you with some of the smoothest consistencies ever. Whether you're blending or pureeing, you will find that this blender is a great tool. It is also ideal for chopping nuts, vegetables and more.

The 6-cup capacity is a great feature, as well, ensuring that you have the space required to make as much of your recipe as you might need. However, one of the most important features is that the blender is BPA-free, ensuring that your raw foods stay as healthful as possible during preparation. Whether you need vegetables chopped or want to make a healthful drink with fresh, whole fruit, you will find that the VitaMix 4500 is a great option.

People who use their blenders a lot and see them as more than just another appliance often call this the best blender. Read more in the VitaMix review.

BlendTec Blender

Blendtec TotalBlenderRaw food dieters will enjoy the power of the BlendTec TotalBlender, as well as the excellent operation. This blender is one of the top choices on the market, no matter what foods you like to prepare. With 1500 total watts, the 621 is a powerhouse in the kitchen, turning time-consuming tasks into a breeze. What else makes the BlendTec 621 such a great option?

First, you'll find that this single tool has some pretty incredible capabilities. It can be used as a juicer, a blender, a smoothie maker, coffee grinder, grain mill and much, much more. If you are seeking an excellent multitasking tool, then this blender might be right up your alley.

The digital touchpad on the unit is another handy feature that you won't find many other places. With preprogrammed performance options, all you have to do is load your favorite raw foods into the blender, press the appropriate button and watch as the blender goes to work. Nothing could be simpler, easier or more efficient.

The Blendtec is the VitaMix's toughest competitor in the "best blender" debate. Here's the Blendtec review.

The Oster Beehive

Oster BlenderOster has been a name among names within the kitchen for a very long time. The Oster 4096 offers incredible style, thanks to the thick glass carafe and the stainless steel motor housing/stand. The unit also features 500 watts total output, so making smoothies, milkshakes or chopping up whole foods is a snap. Of course, the 5-cup capacity glass carafe is a tasteful touch, but it also prevents you from potential BPA contamination that comes from using inferior plastic carafes.

You will also find that the Oster comes with a variety of different blades, including a specially designed ice-crusher blade. Available separately is a milkshake blade that is the ideal solution for the perfect shakes or smoothies. Finally, the Oster 4096 offers two speeds, with a single toggle switch mounted on the front of the beehive-shaped base for better control over your finished product.

Many agree this is the best blender for those unwilling to spend $400-600 for a Vitamix. Here's more info on the Oster Beehive.

The KitchenAid

KitchenAid BlenderKitchenAid has long been the hallmark for the serious cook in the kitchen. There's no reason that following a raw food diet should make you miss out on one of the top brands in the world. The KitchenAid is one of the most impressive examples of modern technology fused with stunning design you'll find available.

Like all KitchenAid appliances, you'll be impressed with the blender's heavy duty, die-cast metal base. While the pitcher is not made of glass, it is manufactured from high quality, commercial strength polycarbonate, for crack and shatter resistance. The pitcher holds a full 56 ounces, as well, so you can prepare as much or as little of your dish as you desire.

Of course, the blender also features KitchenAid's unique Intelli-Speed controls, which ensures that ample power is delivered to the blades no matter how thick the substance inside the pitcher might be. This promises some of the smoothest smoothies you'll ever taste. The control pad is smooth, without any seams, so cleanup is never a problem. You will also enjoy the built-in drain holes in the pitcher, which help eliminate clogs and trapped food.

This could be the best blender in the mid-price category. Read more about the KitchenAid.

Hand Blenders

Finally, there are hand blenders, or blender sticks. What's great about them are portability and immersion. Being able to stick one of these into a hot pot on the stove can be a big convenience. Read a few hand blender reviews.

Blender Recipes

Of course, every raw foodie needs a little help when it comes to drumming up new recipes. Here are two excellent recipes that will wow you. Caution - you'll need a blender and a food dehydrator for both of these, though.

Fruit Leather

While the name might not sound so great, you and your kids will love this delightful take on fruit and/or vegetables.

  1. Blend your favorite mixture of fresh fruit and/or veggies. Do not add too much water to the mixture, but add enough that your blender is able to process it correctly.
  2. Using a sheet of cellophane (or a dehydrator sheet), spread the mixture evenly. Ideally, you want the result to be about ΒΌ of an inch thick, though you can go thinner or thicker if you prefer.
  3. Pop the mixture into your food dehydrator. You'll need to dry it at about 110 to 118 degrees. It should dry for about 4 hours (this will vary by thickness and water content).
  4. When one side is dry, flip the mixture over so the other side can dry. Continue drying until the mixture is malleable, but not liquid.
  5. Get creative with your leathers - cut shapes or letters out of it. You'll love this delightful snack and it can be fun, too.

Pear Walnut Pancakes

This is a great recipe for breakfast, or you can try it out during the afternoon or evening to spice things up.

You will need:

  • 1 ripe pear
  • 1 cup walnuts (soaked for 6 hours and then drained)
  • 1 cup pine nuts
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

The directions:

Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend until you have created a smooth batter, without noticeable lumps. On a solid dehydrator sheet, pour dollops the size of silver dollars. Place in your dehydrator for about 6 hours, or until one side is dry. Flip the pancakes over and repeat until the other side has dried.

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