Benefits of Nesco Food Dehydrators

If you read up on the reviews consumers post about food dehydrators you're sure to come across plenty extolling the benefits of Nesco dehydrators. Affordably priced and capable of making a number or raw food diet recipes including tasty jerky treats Nesco food dehydrators have become a favorite of people who are concerned with healthy eating. Though Nesco also manufactures food slicers, grinders and processors their core product is horizontal tray food dehydrators and for people who want to dehydrate vegetables, fruits and meats the Nesco brand of dehydrators is one of the best available.

Nesco/American Harvest has been manufacturing food dehydrators for 30 years and over that time they have perfected the art of drying food. By drying food faster and more evenly with their Converge-a-Flow system assures even drying from top to bottom without needed tray rotation that often is associated with other dehydrator brands. Nesco dehydrators have adjustable thermostats that range from 95 – 106 degrees Fahrenheit so you have greater flexibility when trying new recipes to get the best drying results. You can search around for recipes from other dehydrator users that will suggest drying temperatures but over time you'll find what works best for you.

With the powerful top mounted 700-watt fan, Nesco food dehydrators can dry a variety of foods in hours, not days. Before some recipes and food drying could take more than 24 hours to be completed but with the Nesco drying power you can cut drying time in half so you have great tasting jerky, fruit roll-ups and other snacks quicker. Nesco dehydrators are also expandable so a unit that comes with 5 trays can be adjusted to fit up to 12 trays for greater capacity.

Some of the delicious foods you can make with a Nesco food dehydrator include beef jerky, trail mixes, homemade yogurt, banana chips, dried soup mixes and fish jerky. Versatile and affordable Nesco dehydrators have many benefits that will make preparing a raw food diet easy and tasty.

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Benefits of Nesco Food Dehydrators

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