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Banana chips for shaking hands

by Sarah

My hands used to shake and I couldn't figure out why. A coworker asked me if I was eating any bananas, and said if I started eating them, my hands wouldn't shake. I tried it and it worked! Fresh bananas have a short shelf life but I discovered banana chips work just as well.


6 ripe bananas


Slice your bananas about the width of a pencil diameter.

Place them so that they don't touch each other into dehydrator.

Turn on your dehydrator.

After about 6 hours, turn the banana slices over (because otherwise the sugar will make them permanently stick).

After another 10 hours turn slices over again.

Chips are usually completely dry after 36 hours of dehydrating.

Place chips into food storage bags, use within 2 months. But I'm pretty sure you'll end up eating them all before they go bad anyway!

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Apr 01, 2011
keep color
by: Anonymous

You can soak the chunks in sprite, with lemon juice so they don't turn brown on you..

Jun 24, 2009
Thanks for sharing
by: Alex (dehydratorbook)

Thanks for sharing this, as I know others may have this issue. I've read about eating bananas for this too, but never knew if it actually helped people.

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