Aroma Food Dehydrator - Is the rotating tray any good?

The Aroma Food Dehydrator is a small, 5-tray unit with a special feature. That feature is a rotating tray and its benefit to you is evenly dried foods. But does it work?

Aroma Food Dehydrator When it comes to electrics, cheaper products are known to break easily, so I like to have a few moving parts as possible. The more things that move, the more things that can malfunction.

This dehydrator is just $45, a few bucks more than the Ronco. I finally convinced my sister to get a dehydrator, but she was on a tight budget. Normally, I'd tell her to get a Nesco, but I wanted to test this Aroma model.

The rotating tray is a great idea, but it's not durable. I'm clumsy and don't handle appliances delicately, but I'm also not rough with them. The bottom tray on my sister's unit broke during the first usage. She exchanged it for another, and so far, it's been fine.

As for performance, I can't say I was too happy with it. Compared to my Excalibur, it took more than twice as long to prepare anything. My sister tried making beef jerky, and she waited more than a day and then said it was rubbery.

I traded my Excalibur for this for the weekend, and tried my favorite, strawberry chips. This simple snack also took more than a day. I took my Excalibur back and told my sister to return the Aroma.

If you're on a really small budget, I think you're better off saving up for a good dehydrator. Buying cheap things might save you money in the short-term, but over time, you end up losing because time and frustration cost a lot too.

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June 24, 2009: The Aroma reviewed has been discontinued. The links above go to a new model that hasn't been released yet.

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