American Harvest Dehydrator - Made by Nesco

I used to wonder whether the American Harvest dehydrator was the same as the Nesco. They are. They're sometimes referred to as Harvest Maid dehydrators too.

Nesco Dehydrator Clear TraysNesco started out making portable ovens called the Nesco Roaster back in 1930. Over the years, the oven was sold to several companies, including Hoover. Eventually, the oven was sold to the Metal Ware Corporation, a Wisconsin company that was founded by Mirro Aluminum, the largest maker of aluminum cookware. In the late 1990s, they bought AH and started marketing their products as Nesco/American Harvest.

The AH dehydrators are no different from the Nescos. If you buy one, you'll see, because both names are printed on the machine. I think a lot of people got confused because some stores list it under different names.

One of the innovative dehydrators Nesco/AH makes is the FD-39. What makes this unit stand out is its clear design. Beware though. There's a reason most dehydrators have an opaque covering. You want to block out the light, so that the foods will retain as much of its nutrients as possible. That doesn't mean the clear unit is bad. Personally, I think it looks cool, and being able to watch the foods transform is quite a sight. Also, this kind of dehydrator is perfect for craft works, such as drying flowers or potpourri.

Where to buy

American Harvest units are available online or the big box stores. When you ask for it by name, be sure to say "Nesco" too, because some store clerks may not know they're the same thing.

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