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5 Tier Food Dehydrator Model 66906

by Brenda Moehlig
(Lynwood, IL USA)

5 tier Model 66906

5 tier Model 66906

We just bought a dehydrator at Harbor Freight Tools but it has no brand name but a model 66906. It is cyclindar shaped with 5 tiers. Ok, we paid $20.00 for this brand new so we weren't expecting miracles but so far this dehydrator isn't doing bad. It has no bells or whistles, no settings, no we have to start with product and take each item on a test run. I started with Mushrooms, and they are almost dried enough to take them out, and thats after about 8 hours in the dehydrator. I give this a thumbs up for a great starter dehydrator. For the price you just can't beat it. If I'm allowed, I will come back after drying onions, banana's, and potatoes. Give you an even better review on other foods I've dehydrated.

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